Reviews of Overwatch Coaching

Clancy coached by Dom for 1 hour - 07/04/2019

Dom was amazing, so helpful and was extremely knowledgable in all roles of heroes. He was quick with communication and had plenty of tips and tricks for me to progress out of Gold! Will be using again if I hit a SR wall

Chris coached by David for 2 hours - 26/01/2019

Worth every penny. Great person, really knowledgeable and helped me on the road to becoming better at the game.

Noor coached by Dmitry for 2 hours - 07/01/2019

He was really helpful and understandable

Thomas coached by Ibrahim for 1 hour - 18/11/2018

Very quick and fast. Ordered just before I went to bed and was done before I woke up.

Christopher coached by Marc for 1 hour - 16/08/2018

Great guy excellent player/ teacher! Will be using him again