Eden boosted by Wei for 7 wins 15/06/2018

Wei is an excellent player, he was very nice and did an amazing. He finished the boost of 3 arena run with min. 7wins within a couple of hours. Asked for him!

First boosted by Danila for 12 wins 31/03/2018

Danila is simply great! 12 Arena wins is really hard, keeping RNG n mind and this booster just went for it with stone cold stamina in less than a day! my gratitude is great and I would certainly recommend Danila if you want to get things done. Absolutely worth your trust!!

Johnny boosted by Alexey for 12 wins 06/02/2018

Alex has been simply amazing. He has completed the job with extreme committment and in a short span of time. I learned a lot about Arena just seeing him play: he truly is a great player and a friendly guy.
Cannot recommend him more!

Andrew boosted by Stanislav for 9 wins 22/07/2017

Stanislav is an awesome booster. I asked for a 9 win arena run while he played with insight and patience, accomplishing my request in pleasant time. Would highly recommend.

Hearthstone boosted by Vlad for 12 wins 29/03/2017

Insane Boosting, did 12-0 after a few tries.
Big thanks to Vlad!