Ivan boosted by Kirill from 7 to Legend 27/07/2018

fast and nice guy

Kevin boosted by Milan from 9 to Legend 27/07/2018

Fast and efficient, very friendly and got a nice communication. Highly recommended!

Ben boosted by Aleksandar from 18 to Legend 27/07/2018

The best, very fast !

A boosted by Alexey from 9 to Legend 26/07/2018

Made my order on tuesday 7:10 pm - booster contacted me at 7:39 pm. Reached legend on thursday 6:47 pm. Awesome job - no scam - can totally recommend!

Miso boosted by Alexey from 4 to Legend 26/07/2018

From rank 4 to Legend in less then 12 hours.... Fast and good!