Dingye boosted by Alexey from 10 to 5 29/03/2017

Hey , thats pre good man. Booster was very reliable and hardworking. pre(pretty) good fella.

david boosted by Oleg from 16 to Legend 29/03/2017

10/10 great booster, rank 16 to legend ez

Dan 6 boosted by Vlad from 1 to Legend 28/03/2017

Thanks to Vlad who was very fast to ranking me up to legend ! Very cool guy i will reccoment him without problem !

enemy boosted by Aydar from 12 to Legend 28/03/2017

Insane Boosting from rank 12 to Legend in about 24 hours.
The Booster is very friendly and correct and finished my order fast and professional. Big Thanks to you

George boosted by Eduard from 9 to Legend 26/03/2017

Excellent work, fast and very reliable! Thanks for the fast Legend rank!! :D I would recommend this service highly!