Valentin boosted by Roman from 4 to 2 24/11/2017

Trully fast and fucking nice booster ! :D

Peter boosted by Evgeny from 1 to Legend 20/11/2017

Very nice booster. Ordered at 5 pm a boost from rank 1 0 stars to legendary. Did it until 11 pm.

Daniel boosted by Filip from 10 to Legend 20/11/2017

Filip was very friendly and made everything without issues. Would recommend him for others.

Valentin boosted by Kirill from 13 to 4 19/11/2017

Really good booster, nice and fast <3

Marcus boosted by Kirill from 17 to Legend 18/11/2017

This is a top player, he is knows the meta, in fact he is it! 17-legend, i gave him free hands to dust my cards and build some top meta decks, and no he Will not dust you lich King and so.. it was an awesome ride to watch this, i learned so much! Cant Thank him enough!!!