Jan boosted by Evgeny from 1 to Legend 26/11/2017

Evgeny was really friendly and proffesional. Boosting service was really fast. If you need boosting to legend I would recomand him. :)

Valentin boosted by Evgeny from 2 to Legend 26/11/2017

Really nice guy, did legend rank really fast.

Andi boosted by Yuriy from 2 to Legend 25/11/2017

Great Booster. Good Communication. Got me to Legend and 200 druid wins on top. Had bad RNG luck at the beginning but he did not gave up. Definitely recommend him as a booster.

Valentin boosted by Roman from 4 to 2 24/11/2017

Trully fast and fucking nice booster ! :D

Peter boosted by Evgeny from 1 to Legend 20/11/2017

Very nice booster. Ordered at 5 pm a boost from rank 1 0 stars to legendary. Did it until 11 pm.