Alex boosted by Kirill from 2 to Legend 28/11/2017

Really good booster Just took a day from rank 2 to Legend

Tom boosted by Egor from 5 to Legend 28/11/2017

Thanks alot Egor, u are very efficient booster and trustfull. He ranked me from 5 to legend! Thanks Egor u are the Best!!

Pauel boosted by Boris from 2 to Legend 28/11/2017

Very nice booster, dedicated player. took some time due to bad rng and bad card collection but managed to hit legend anyway. well played mate

Cristian boosted by Kirill from 10 to Legend 27/11/2017

Amazing booster 10/10 razakus is bae

richard boosted by Aleksandar from 3 to Legend 26/11/2017

aleksander is a very awesome booster , very professional. he ranked my account from rank 3 to legend in 6 hours . i recommen this booster for everyone thanks aleksander