Turtle boosted by Daniil from 4 to Legend 28/08/2017

Daniil is just awesome guys! Fast booster and friendly.

Thank you so much Daniil, you are a GOD!

Simon boosted by Egor from 8 to Legend 28/08/2017

Great booster . Good job :)

Adam boosted by Cameron from 6 to Legend 28/08/2017

Polite and nice booster. as really fast and reliable service.

Lasse boosted by Aydar from 4 to Legend 27/08/2017

Impressive work from Aydar. Rank 4-legend (2-legend in a matter of hours). Really great guy too. Indeed a recommendable booster.

Thomas boosted by Egor from 5 to Legend 27/08/2017

Very fast and successful service!