Riley boosted by Kirill from 2 to Legend 12/04/2017

took 2 hours. Nj.

Matt boosted by Kirill from 3 to Legend 11/04/2017

Awesome and fast boost as always! 5 stars!

Igor boosted by Eduard from 3 to Legend 10/04/2017

Very Good Player , get legend ez!

Mike boosted by from 15 to 3 10/04/2017

Very good service, friendly and kind. The Boost itself was very fast and my Booster was a very skilled player!

Darky boosted by Aleksandar from 6 to 5 05/04/2017

Reeeeeally fast and reaaally nice support at this ..not even1 hour he needed to get me from 6 to 5. Also Alex is a nice booster. 5 Stars.