Soma boosted by Evgeny from 7 to 5 05/10/2017

Fast boost :)

Jeremy boosted by Filip from 6 to 5 05/10/2017

It was really good to get this done my Filip. Very kind and friendly. He got his job done really fast!

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Ole boosted by Kirill from 19 to 15 01/10/2017

Kirill 1 good booster got to my rank superfast :P

Lvnskaya boosted by Aleksandar from 25 to 20 30/09/2017

I forgot to write a review I think, what I can remember is the booster is VERY friendly and helpfull. The communication was excellent. I myself play other games so i'm not rlly active on hearthstone he boosted me in a matter of minutes. Thank you my Serbian brother if you are reading this. I definately recommend this booster!