Reviews of Hearthstone Rank Boost

Bigdog boosted by from 6 to Legend - 29/12/2016

Had white cloud as a booster, great communication took about 1 1/2 days to complete my order, recommend the service !

Anonymous boosted by from 11 to Legend - 26/12/2016

Goergy was assigned as my booster within 5 hours of my ordering the service-- rank 11 boosted to legend. He quickly got in touch with me and elucidated the procedure for the boost.

It took him about 1.5 days to complete 11 through legend, and during that time he was always in touch and very clear about his progress.

The staff was very professional and helpful in their explanation of services; Georgy impressed me, not only with his skill as a player, but with his professionalism and dedication to completing my order as quickly as possible.

I'd consider using this company's services anytime in the future.


Bauer boosted by from 14 to 5 - 17/12/2016

as we all know hearthstone is very gimmicky and can get you tilted well that was my case. Although my collection was considerably weak, the boost got done..

Bum boosted by Aleksandar from 9 to Legend - 15/12/2016

Got Aleksandar as a booster. He boosted me from rank 9 to legend in standard play. Although the new meta is quite cancer currently, he managed to climb very fast to legend in only 3 days. I learned a lot from him and like to thank him again for the boost. 5 stars!

Hearthstone player boosted by Daniil from 10 to 4 - 09/12/2016

december 2016. 3h rank 10 to 4 on Sham face. i'm waiting now for complet 4 to legend soon ;)
Got Daniil on pro gamer.