Reviews of Hearthstone Rank Boost

Panda boosted by from 17 to 10 - 12/11/2016

I decided to go for this site because I was told by my friends that it is the best one and to my surprise the boost was started literally 3 minutes after I bought it, I could track the progress all the time in members area or however they call it, my booster was very kind and i also spectate him a lot, cheers <3

Gael boosted by Eduard from 12 to Legend - 24/10/2016

Got my legend cardback just for 2 days, really nice service :D

Cargo27 boosted by from 11 to Legend - 23/10/2016

Got my legend cardback just for 2 days , really nice service:D

Johnny boosted by from 11 to Legend - 17/10/2016

Couldn't pass rank 11 fortunately pro boosting service helped me so i even got legend rank, which i always want to get

escargot7 boosted by from 4 to Legend - 16/10/2016

finally got that cardback, dont have nerves to do it myself hearthstone was killing me lately xD merci