Dave boosted by Alexey from 3 to Legend 18/09/2017

Very smooth service! Nothing else to say, Alex was professional and timely.

anonymus boosted by Artem from 5 to Legend 18/09/2017

best booster ever

manuel boosted by Evgeny from 4 to Legend 17/09/2017

well this was a very positive experience for me, i spectated some games of the booster which was really helpful.the guy was very polite and friendly he gets 10/10 would recommend him with closed eyes!

Marco boosted by Egor from 9 to Legend 17/09/2017

After an incompetent booster I met this guy and in 2 days reach Legend.
Great Worker

Dylan boosted by Stanislav from 2 to Legend 16/09/2017

great booster