Reviews of Hearthstone Rank Boost

Eren boosted by Stanislav from 4 to Legend - 30/03/2017

a really funny and good player

Piotr boosted by from 12 to 10 - 29/03/2017

Very good booster!

Gekko boosted by from 2 to Legend - 29/03/2017

Good service. Friendly booster and staff.. Truly a great job. 5/5

RoadRage boosted by Boris from 8 to Legend - 29/03/2017

Rank 8 to Legend in 2-3 days. Everything was correct & fast. People working for the site could be a tad bit nicer (short responses) but they were always correct & helpful. Boris did my boost and did it good & fast. Job well done!

Dingye boosted by Alexey from 10 to 5 - 29/03/2017

Hey , thats pre good man. Booster was very reliable and hardworking. pre(pretty) good fella.