Dave boosted by Daniil from 20 to Legend 19/01/2018

This guy knows what he is doing. Very friendly. :)

Chris boosted by True from 3 to Legend 18/01/2018

Nice and friendly ++++++

Bradley boosted by Aleksandar from 2 to Legend 18/01/2018

Good booster

Emanuele boosted by Alexey from 5 to Legend 18/01/2018

So fast! Alexey rank from 5 to Legend in one day! Fantastic

Petros Nik boosted by Kirill from 18 to Legend 17/01/2018

Kirill is an amazing booster and very friendly. I recommend him with a great degree of enthusiasm. I have learned lots from him and he is not shy to reply to any questions you may have. It is amazing to spectate him - he has such mastery in what he does; in this situation I would be tilted but he has a great resolve to win.

I would highly recommend. Kirill is an astounding player, kind booster, and even a better teacher.

Thanks man!