Reviews of Apex Legends Rank Boosting

Kevin boosted by Gabaidulin from Platinum II to Diamond IV - 21/01/2021

Best booster, quick, effective and very good.

Kevin boosted by Gabaidulin from Platinum IV to Platinum II - 20/01/2021

Very good booster :D

Klev boosted by Artur from Diamond IV to Diamond II - 12/01/2021

Great booster, easy wins, would definitely recommend!!

o7 boosted by Egor from Gold III to Platinum IV - 04/01/2021

Great boost, did it in 1 day. Super fast, would def recommend.

J boosted by Pavel from Platinum IV to Diamond IV - 30/11/2020

legit one of the best apex players I've seen, averaging 15 kills per game in ranked. got the order done in 1 sitting, highly recommend. Nice guy aswell.