Reviews of Apex Legends Rank Boosting

Adam boosted by Adam from Gold II to Platinum IV - 16/09/2020

Adam is new here. He has no reviews from anyone. I'll tell the truth that I was afraid to take him to my boost. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by how handy, skillful he is in this game. When I watched him on the stream - I didn't understand how a controller player could play like this at such a high level. I can really only recommend this guy to you and I will definitely take him next time again for my boost.

Bapel boosted by Marko from Bronze IV to Platinum IV - 12/09/2020

Great booster, fast, nice and very understanding!

Mike boosted by Matt from Diamond III to Master - 29/08/2020

Guy is a beast. Quick boost, will continue to use in future.

Troy boosted by Lewis from Platinum IV to Diamond IV - 23/08/2020

Fast and Proficient booster. 10/10

Mike boosted by Wojciech from Gold II to Diamond IV - 21/08/2020

Great and quick boost. No issues here, keeps you updated all the way through. Would use again in future.