Reviews of Apex Legends Leveling

Michael boosted by Aditya from level 73 to 73 on XBox One - 07/04/2019

He is the best Booster i had. He updates you very often. Is fast and friendly. Everything u want.


Cavell boosted by Patrik from level 21 to 21 on PC - 05/04/2019

One of the best and most responsive booster ive met, very friendly as well, got the job done and excelled in all my expectations of a booster even had some extras just because of the boost SUPER well done, i cannot recommend anyone else other then this guy, just because of him i might have to get another order in asap!

See you soon.

SBG boosted by Bartek from level 94 to 94 on PC - 31/03/2019


SBG boosted by Bartek from level 76 to 76 on PC - 23/03/2019

A+++ Booster!

Niko boosted by Patrik from level 57 to 57 on PlayStation 4 - 01/03/2019

Great, Fast, and Awesome Communication