Reviews of Fortnite Coaching

Einar coached by Amir for 5 hours

I think that Amir was a great coach. It was fun and exciting to study with him, and I immediately saw my game improve. Highly recommended!

Tyler coached by Leighton for 1 hour

I ordered a hour of Fortnite coaching and it did get useful info on playing im a okay player get about 3-6 kills on a good game but Leighton was very informal i enjoyed it .

Domingo coached by Kane for 5 hours

The coach (Kane#10564) was really good at explaining things, and did it in a fun way. Also, he was nice to play with and helped me improve in many different ways.

Roo coached by Amir for 1 hour

Very thorough session. happy with the service will use again.

Timo coached by Florin for 1 hour

Great lesson!