Reviews of Battle Pass Challenges

David boosted by Ahmed for 1 challenge - 24/08/2018

What an awesome booster! Super fast, great communication and a nice guy.

Brandon boosted by Pop for 1 challenge - 10/08/2018

Pop was awesome! Really fast and cool. Highly recommend.

Rafit boosted by Gerrit for 1 challenge - 27/07/2018

This would be my first time ever getting a little helping hand in any game, all i have to say is hands down , Gerrit lived up to his word, consider requesting for him he was excellent , and kind. Thanks Gerrit keep up the good work!. Ill definitely request for you next time no matter how long the queue may be!.

Jesus Emmanuel boosted by Edwin for 1 challenge - 25/07/2018


Khillian boosted by Wisely for 2 challenges - 13/07/2018

Best booster I've encountered, really trustworthy and straight forward to talk to. I would recommend him as anyones choice for a booster.