Reviews of Rainbow Six Siege Coaching

Uhm. coached by Nicola for 5 hours - 23/04/2019

great and fast booster

mike coached by Joe for 2 hours - 16/04/2019

best booster 11/10 very skilled and fast to pick up order 100% choosing him agein

Alex coached by Lam for 2 hours - 17/03/2019

Great coach. Addressed some mistakes I was making and immediately addressed some settings problems I had within the 1st few minutes. Can definitely say I noted an improvement in my game play. Went from gold 4/3 to gold 1 after the coaching. He will absolutely go the extra mile and takes pride in your accomplishments. A fantastic coach to say the least.

Jasem coached by Nicola for 3 hours - 17/03/2019

he helped me re-introduce me into the game, really enjoyed my time playing with him.

Luck coached by Nicola for 1 hour - 11/03/2019

Very nice coach good player he will explain map and how to improve game scene and aim.