Reviews of Rainbow Six Siege Coaching

Spencer coached by Amir for 2 hours - 05/02/2020

Great Service and very informative.

Aaron coached by Vladislav for 3 hours - 27/01/2020

Once again vlad's the man. He really knows his stuffams takes the time to teach you what you wanna know

Aditya coached by Zach for 1 hour - 24/01/2020

This guy's great. He taught me a lot of useful routes and tactics as an entry fragger or flex player.

Niko coached by Amir for 1 hour - 28/12/2019

Really good dude, only reason its a 4 out of 5 is because I already knew most of the stuff. However, dude was really helpful.

AGGT coached by Caio for 1 hour - 19/12/2019

Great coach and nice dude. Would've been more helpful if he had discord or skype but still, great session.