Luke coached by Wisely for 2 hours 20/07/2018

10/10 would recommend

KidFromAfrican coached by Sidney for 1 hour 15/07/2018


Sam coached by Wisely for 2 hours 15/07/2018

My 2hr purchase is totally worth it. Wisely taught me thoroughly what he called BASICS which are essential to platinum level. These knowledge are from his thousands of hours of real world play time, boost time, analyze, tests, etc.
The way I see it. This 40 Euro is one of my best spending. It potentially saves me from several seasons and at least 500 hrs of frustrating self exploration game play.
He brought me into custom game and man the speed and the way he moves when I have my sight on him, I can't see him. That's just one of the many many things he taught.
He has a 2.5KD in diamond rank.
His play style is totally thinking out of the box.

Anon coached by Amir for 1 hour 11/07/2018

Amir was a great help! full of helpful tips for me

Yoshio coached by Wisely for 2 hours 09/07/2018

Awesome coach! Teaching you step by step from the basic! I'm really satisfied
Thank you for your advice, coach :)