Giulio boosted by Dilan for 10 Wins at Platinum 11/01/2018

That guy ! He did almost win steak every Elo ! REALLY GOOD !

Angel boosted by Dilan for 12 Wins at Platinum 10/01/2018

Excellent boost, kept me updated throughout the whole time. 10/10 would order again from him.

Sepiz boosted by István for 12 Wins at Platinum 09/01/2018

Very friendly Booster! He always texted me if something happened, so I always was up to Date! 10/10 highly recommended!

Chris boosted by Spencer for 3 Wins at Platinum 07/01/2018

Had Spencer finish off my account! Great guy I can honestly say that he is the booster you want if you’re going to purchase a boost on R6S.
Thanks again man!

Chris boosted by Spencer for 5 Wins at Gold 06/01/2018

Spencer is a great guy! Very nice and easy to work with. Thanks for the boost!