Peps boosted by István for 8 Wins at Gold 18/02/2018

Istvan is a genuinely nice guy!
Great service!

Sam boosted by István for 12 Wins at Bronze 18/02/2018

Did what i paid for

Memo boosted by Dilan for 12 Wins at Gold 18/02/2018

As soon as he started on my order he was done. Keep in mind I don’t think they have a lot of boosters on PS4 as my order took a while to get started on but worth the wait. Very friendly. Very professional will use Dilan again for future

Peps boosted by István for 11 Wins at Gold 18/02/2018

Great guy and good service! :)

Matt boosted by Dilan for 10 Wins at Platinum 08/02/2018

After Dilan finally picked my order, He done the Job fast and perfect. 10 netwins result in diamond for me.
Great Job, if you can get him too he is worth the time waiting for him to pick your order.