D.Terry boosted by Szymon for 8 Wins at Gold 23/12/2017

I was low Gold 3, so I bought a boost (8 net wins) and got Plat 3. My Booster was friendly and responded to my questions. 10/10

Mr_unkowm boosted by Dilan for 7 Wins at Platinum 22/12/2017

Dilian is the best he has a 100%win rate i recommend him anytime.

Lord Cinnamon boosted by Sidney for 3 Wins at Platinum 22/12/2017

Excellent as always, cant go wrong with Sidney. +++++!

Mr_unkowm boosted by Dilan for 12 Wins at Gold 22/12/2017

Did my boost very good told me everytime he win a match and he won all my games highly recommended him.

Hebe boosted by Sidney for 6 Wins at Platinum 21/12/2017

Excellent boost! Fast and reliable. Will order again from this friendly pro player. 5/5