stefan boosted by Daniel for 10 matches Games on PC 28/06/2018


Joey boosted by Wisely for 10 matches Games on PlayStation 4 25/06/2018

Wisely is a beast!!Very reliable and gets the job done fast!10/10

Anonymous boosted by István for 9 matches Games on PC 24/06/2018

really fast, and I also won all

Dicky boosted by István for 10 matches Games on PC 23/06/2018

very fast, said gold 2 and it was gold 2 so he got that 200IQ ;) no but really good skill and smart guy and nice. thanks!!

Michael boosted by Wisely for 7 matches Games on XBox 1 22/06/2018

Wesley was fast and super flexible. Did an awesome job e don’t let will be back.