Colton boosted by Daniel from Copper IV to Bronze IV 30/04/2018

Did a phenomenal Job

anom boosted by István from Platinum I to Diamond 30/04/2018

Top effort, gets his stuff done very quick would recommend anyone if they wanna get a boost to go for istvan. always 10/10

Robert boosted by Fynn from Silver III to Platinum II 29/04/2018

Fynn is awesome, he will boost you fast and you will learn alot in the process, and a joy to converse with in between matches.
You get to watch him clutch 1v4 regularly, it was an amazing experience.

Quan boosted by Wisely from Platinum II to Diamond 29/04/2018

Was very professional and done a good job also finished it fast.

Mario boosted by István from Gold II to Gold I 29/04/2018

Amazing Service!!!

Special thx to my booster!