Nouthy boosted by István from Silver IV to Gold IV 21/02/2018

Very fast boost, 5 mins after the order was taken with Istvan everything was settled and ready to go :) Would definitely do it again next season!

Kiley boosted by Dilan from Copper I to Silver IV 21/02/2018

Dilan's lit af, friendly, kept me updated on the progress, and told me when he was gonna log in. I didn't mind the delays as he is a busy guy, but still tried to get my order done asap. This was a cool experience

Tristan boosted by István from Bronze IV to Silver I 21/02/2018

Really fast and nice and communicated really well. I would recommend Istvan to anyone looking for a booster. :)

Brendan boosted by Austin from Gold III to Platinum II 18/02/2018

Austin was the best booster ive ever had. Such a cool guy and super easy to communicate with. Let me know every little thing he changed in settings, tips to improve my own performance, and letting me know when hes logging on and off. Id recommend Austin to anyone that plays siege. Truly an incredible player.

G boosted by Dilan from Platinum III to Diamond 18/02/2018

Wow amazing, will order again u soon :)