Reviews of Rocket League Seasonal Reward Win Boosting

Legend boosted by Javier for 1 Grand Champion wins on PC - 19/10/2019

This guy is a monster. 10/10 I can't say anything else. Just wow.

diego boosted by Vitor for 9 Grand Champion wins on PC - 13/10/2019

won every single match gj

Matt boosted by Miguel for 2 Grand Champion wins on XBox One - 12/10/2019

Miguel was an amazing booster. Got it done in 2 games. His speed of completion and overall skill was much appreciated.

Connor boosted by David for 10 Diamond wins on PC - 11/10/2019

it feels like two seconds after I placed the order for season reward matches David messaged me. Talk about fast service! Real chill dude. Thanks again man.

Steffen boosted by Carlos for 9 Grand Champion wins on PC - 11/10/2019

This dude just matching up against top 3 and 4 in rumble like no probs;)