Reviews of Apex Legends

Frisk boosted by Maher from Gold I to Platinum IV

Very fast boosting. Maher is a really friendly and skilled player. :)

Woodelf boosted by Semyon for 50 (+30 Free wins) Wins

80 Wins! That is a big task and Semyon powered through in no time.
You cant go wrong ordering a stream with this guy! His gameplay is fun to watch and you learn a lot.

Semyon is skilled, polite and communicative... you cant go wrong with this guy!

M boosted by Maher for 60 kills

Awesome boost, really fast ^-^

M boosted by Maher from Platinum III to Platinum I

Awesome boost, really fast ^-^

Woodelf boosted by Semyon - Legend's Wrath T4 (Deal 4000 damage in a single game)

Absolute mad lad! Good work, Semyon!