Reviews of Rainbow Six Siege

boostme boosted by Armin for 12 Wins in Platinum 3

Great Man vert good boosting

Pascal boosted by Armin from Gold I to Platinum III

Rly Great Man, i can higly recommend him

M boosted by Amin for 3 Wins in Platinum 1

Absolutely goated player, amazing communication, no job is too much, wins on repeat and has a flawless KD in diamond lobbies. Don’t go anywhere else if you want a perfect job doing. This is your guy!

Pascal boosted by Ivan for 8 matches Games on PlayStation 4

Great and fast Job, i can reccomend him :)

M boosted by Amin from Platinum III to Platinum I

Absolutely flawless, order complete within 3 hours despite being a high demand order, made it look easy with a high KD and no losses. If you want quick responses, fast wins and a high KD then he is your guy. Top player for a reason!