Reviews of Rainbow Six Siege

Anthony boosted by Ivan for 12 Wins in Platinum 2 Recent Order

Great job as always

Cagemaru boosted by Mahmoud for 2 matches Games on PC Recent Order

nice booster team

Chris boosted by German from Platinum III to Platinum I Recent Order

I must say, I'm extremely impressed. This man dedicated hours upon hours to get it up. At least 50 matches within 2 days. He is extremely dedicated and performs very well within high stress environments and play throughs. One of the most dedicated and well skill players I've seen.

Chris boosted by Armin from Silver V to Gold II Recent Order

Armin is a great, he has serious skills that create massive carnage from lower ranks like Gold to Diamond. Absolutely happy with the results. I'd recommend him to everybody.

Jay boosted by Armin from Platinum II to Platinum I Recent Order

Decent… very helpful