Reviews of Hearthstone

Adam boosted by Nikita from to - 27/03/2020

Nikita was an excellent booster and coach, he was very clear with instructions and always made the right play. Got me to Legend and I'm very happy, also was very forgiving if I made a misplay by accident. Top Guy thank you 5*

Adam coached by Daniil for 3 hours - 26/03/2020

Daniil was really good, he talked me through everything and made me question some plays i was making. Hes a good coach and i recomend him to everyone

mert boosted by Stanislav from to - 19/03/2020

Stanislav is a very friendly and kind booster, he never gets angry even if you misplay :D From rank 13 to legend in 2 days, really skilled player and i recommend him!

luca boosted by Daniil from to - 18/03/2020

the best

Henry boosted by Nikita from to - 16/03/2020

Very nice and friendly. Learnt a lot from the booster.