Reviews of Hearthstone

L boosted by Daniil from Diamond 3 to Legend - 15/04/2020

Was very insightful watching them play. Very fast climb. Definitely recommend

Dave boosted by Nikita from Diamond 5 to Legend - 11/04/2020

Nikita is a very friendly, dedicated and intuitive player. I learn so much from him of how to play, order, not being aggressive, and following-up plan for next turn. Well-deserved 5-star. 1st time hitting legend within 7 hrs from Diamond 5. Shout out to Nikita. Thanks mate. Cheers.

Brit boosted by Evgeny from Diamond 6 to Legend - 05/04/2020

Excellent serivce~!

robin boosted by Evgeny from to - 02/04/2020

Solid, fast and friendly. 10/10!

antonio boosted by Evgeny from to - 01/04/2020

awesome booster , number 1 , so polite and kindly :) very fast