Yh boosted by Phan for 3 Games at Gold 2 - 26/11/2020

Played real well, as usual. Unlucky we had the same 20% wr with the same jg 2 games in a row. Best booster

anonymous boosted by Abdelhalim for 5 matches - 26/11/2020

V good

Nic boosted by Roman from Platinum III to Diamond IV - 26/11/2020

Roman good player very fast! thanks

Karl boosted by Timur for 10 matches - 26/11/2020

Very good booster

Josiah boosted by JoĆ£o from Diamond III to Supersonic Legend on XBox One - 26/11/2020

Man works fast af. Like how do u have the patience to get from d3-SSL in 3 days