Jaap boosted by Toni for 6 matches on 2v2 - 20/06/2018

Nice guy, fast boost :)

Ibrahim boosted by Nenad from 3523 to 3700 - 19/06/2018

Very fast and good

Peter boosted by Stefan from Diamond I to Diamond II on PC - 19/06/2018

Fast, chill, and very skilled :) Didn't lose a single match. Can recommend to everyone.

L boosted by Wei from 3 to Legend - 19/06/2018

very kind man and the best :)

Dakota boosted by Wisely from Gold II to Platinum III - 19/06/2018

Wisely was very hardworking and determined even though he was having some problems getting his squad on. However though, since there was a very short delay he made up for it with a free coaching lesson.