Legend boosted by Cameron from Platinum I to Diamond - 01/01/2019

10/10 very quick at getting whats needed

Jack boosted by Marco for Wins in Gold - 31/12/2018

Love the dude, he is amazing

Borja boosted by alireza from 2409 to 2509 - 31/12/2018

Incredible kind guy. A pleassure to talk and to play with.

LWB boosted by Rsy from 1234 to 2200 - 31/12/2018

Rsy is fast, efficient and a lot of fun to watch! Was worth it just for the streaming entertainment. He knocked out 100 SR in just a few hours. A real pro.

Luke boosted by Peyman for Wins in Platinum - 31/12/2018

Holy shit. He is the best booster so far. Trust me guys, if you want to buy a boost, choose him. 10/10 would buy again