Mr. White boosted by Anthonny from Champion III to Grand Champion on PC - Today

Great player and fast boost

Woodelf boosted by Stan for 50 (+30 Free wins) Wins - Today

This was a massive order and Stan did an incredible job. 80 Wins in 2,5 days. Absolutely incredible. Order a stream with this guy. You wont be disappointed. You learn a lot just watching and otherwise its incredible entertaining. Fast paced, non-stop action that has you on the edge of your seat.

Woodelf boosted by Stan - Legend's Wake Badge (Kill 20 enemies in one game) - Today

Polite, accommodating, fast and incredible skilled! Keep up the good work man!

Miguel boosted by Teddy for 3 Games at Gold 2 - Today

Good booster, hope he gets far :3

Thibaut boosted by Clark from level to on PC - Today

Thx to clark level 48 to 55 succes