Philip boosted by Marcos from Silver II to Platinum III on PC - Yesterday

Marcos didn't even let more than maybe a single goal or two past and could overcome any opponent challenge and score at will. He worked very quick and has very clear communication. Recommend purchasing the streaming option (or playing with) if you can. Got to watch him go nuts and he even commented and demonstrated what skills he needed at each level a\which was really helpful to hear in addition to watching his sick gc mechanical skill. Invaluable if you love playing RL.

Chaohui boosted by Nemanja from level 6 to level 7 - Yesterday

Nice, fast and skilled booster

Adam boosted by James from 3845 to 4300 - Yesterday

Good work on high level. I am fully satisfied with his work.

John boosted by Burak for 1 Wins in Platinum 1 - Two days ago

Very good and reliable booster + super friendly :D

A boosted by Glenn for 3 Wins in Gold 1 - Two days ago

With the teams I've been getting I didnt think he would win all 3 in a row. He's too good!