Reviews of Timur #75078

!! boosted by Timur from 3760 to 3860 - 28/06/2020

yeah buddy!!!

Random dude boosted by Timur from 4670 to 4900 - 26/06/2020

Timur is very nice, communicative and fast. I highly recommend him :) !

steve boosted by Timur from 6050 to 6150 - 24/06/2020

sooo fast, he completed it in less than 4h! thanks man!!

Jman boosted by Timur from 4360 to 4650 - 13/06/2020

Timur is THE best booster you will find, period. Absolutely dominated divine bracket and smashing so many other smurfs it was funny. Actually super funny to play with this guy because he knows how to have fun. He was able to always play on my requested server and im pretty sure there isnt a better invoker player out there lol. 10/10 will always request Timur from now on!

L337 boosted by Timur from 3480 to 3720 - 12/06/2020

This guy rules worth every penny!!!!