Reviews of Wei #4705

Nico boosted by Wei from to - 10/07/2018

So first of all Wei is a really nice guy.
I would recommend him highly as a booster.
He did the boost quickly and communicated a lot with me :)

Joel boosted by Wei from to - 09/07/2018

Nice quick boost and very friendly dude. Would highly reccomend hum for any achievement you're needing help with.

crZ boosted by Wei for 50 Wins - 06/07/2018

Wei is awesome. Fast and friendly and giving me some tips. Recommend this booster.

Goodie boosted by Wei from to - 06/07/2018

Quick boost from rank 8 to 5. Completed in like an an hour and half. TY!

Kevin boosted by Wei from to - 28/06/2018

Very friendly guy! Did it fast but for now rank 10 is enough.. Thank you very much!