Reviews of Adrián #3859

Brandon boosted by Adrián for 9 Grand Champion wins on PC - 04/05/2020

From Champ 2 to Grand Champ seasonal rewards he never lost a game. He went on like a 30 win streak, he's very good at the game.

Brandon boosted by Adrián from Champion III to Grand Champion on PC - 04/05/2020

Adrian told me it would be best to let him log into my account to get me Grand Champ, I was worried about getting items stolen but he assured me that he wouldn't and that he could stream him playing on my account so I could watch to make sure nothing got stolen. He didn't take anything, he just got me my rank and logged out of my account. He's very trustworthy.

Brandon boosted by Adrián from Champion II to Champion III on PC - 04/05/2020

Easily got me to Champ 3

a person boosted by Adrián for 10 Grand Champion wins on PlayStation 4 - 02/05/2020

best booster ever

a person boosted by Adrián from Platinum II to Grand Champion on PlayStation 4 - 01/05/2020

best guy ever