Reviews of Jose #3838

Kevin coached by Jose for 1 hour - 20/11/2017

Told me good advices for practicing more.

Jo D. boosted by Jose for 12 Champion wins on PlayStation 4 - 17/11/2017

Really good and fast service (took 1 night), I have nothing bad to say except my own rocket league skill!
Respectful and friendly.

5/5 without hesitation

Erik coached by Jose for 1 hour - 15/11/2017

What an amazing coach! helped me see the little things I was doing wrong. Will be using him again,forsure.

Fotis coached by Jose for 1 hour - 14/11/2017

The best coach you can get on this site .For sure I will choose him again. Made me go on my own from plat 2 to dia 3 in 1v1.

Unkown96 coached by Jose for 1 hour - 04/11/2017

Jose was soo fast to boost me from dia 2 to dia 3 and he was very nice with me. I suggest higly this guy for boosting