Reviews of Cristhian #21177

Anonymous boosted by Cristhian for 2 matches - 24/09/2019

Excellent boost!!! 100% win rate as always

Tu boosted by Cristhian for 7 matches - 21/09/2019

This guy is insane 100% winrate in 5k bracket, will definitely ask for him next time

z boosted by Cristhian from 5386 to 5511 - 14/09/2019

great and friendly guy! no problems winning at above 5k mmr

things will change boosted by Cristhian from 5505 to 5605 - 27/08/2019

very very nice!!! this player plays like a god, 100% winrate on 5k bracket. omg!!! im speechless

J boosted by Cristhian from 3580 to 4880 - 25/08/2019

Good and responsive guy, will definitely return for him!