Reviews of Pedro #20406

Pad boosted by Pedro from Gold III to Platinum III - 17/03/2019

Without the Fakt that Pedro let me wait some time was it very fast and nice to talk with my Booster. Also he and the support anwsert all my questions very good service.

Adam boosted by Pedro from Gold II to Gold I - 15/03/2019

Very fast. 10/10 would hire again.

S boosted by Pedro for Wins in Gold - 14/03/2019

Pedro is amazing. He was super nice and completed the order within couple hours without any losses. Technically, I ordered 8 net wins in gold and that what he gave me without a single loss.

Connor boosted by Pedro from Gold IV to Platinum III - 11/03/2019

Very friendly, incredibly responsive. Also very patient considering I wasn't able to respond to alot of his messages. Also did the service quickly!

hoop boosted by Pedro for 8 matches Games on PC - 11/03/2019

Very friendly guy and got the job done fast.