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Oh boy where do I get started, first we had a 47 win streak. Second, the last game was 0-3, they were winning with less than a minute left. We scored the they scored, now it’s 1-4. Then he goes in god mode and immediately scores a beautiful aerial play. (2-4) He scores with 30 seconds left, then he scores with 15 seconds left to tie it(4-4). I make a kickoff in the air and he air dribbles it over everyone to a rebound shot, something you would see from a rlcs finals match 7, then with 7 seconds left the other teams powerhouse goes up in the air with several touches. Everyone thought it was going in but, out of nowhere Miguel comes from the side and slams it on the ground ending the match. Yes I know that was a run-on sentence but, I don’t care.

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Miguel Ángel , fast friendly and kindly booster :)

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Amazing player! Nice and fast too!

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Fun to play with and friendly!

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EXCELLENT PLAYS AND SERVICE WAS SO FAST. Made everyone forfeit so it was so quick