Reviews of Briac #116665

Jeff boosted by Briac from Champion II to Champion III on PC

10/10 Service quick response and setup. As well amazing player who was able to carry with ease while allowing me to still participate, learn, and have fun!

Philip boosted by Briac for 1 Tournament(s) on PC

Super quick another tourney win in 2s. This man is cracked.

Philip boosted by Briac for 2 Tournament(s) on PC

Fast and efficient. Highly skilled player and would recommend the streaming option if you want to watch some bangers! Won all games in both tourneys despite having a potato in one of the tourneys. A+

Gab boosted by Briac from Champion I to Champion II on XBox One

Merci poto, un vrai pro et plaisir de jouer avec lui. Enfin un FR

Liver -Liver boosted by Briac from Diamond II to Champion I on PC

Very vast and very nice