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Hey there, my name's Gerrit, Ingame called Dero. I have played Fortnite since October 2017 and I still love it. I am an aggressive player, but still choose my fights wisely. Also I pretty much know everything about the game - Which weapons are currently in the meta, which spots have a nice loot/risk ratio, different building techniques and much more. So if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me! I'm a new booster on Proboosting.net and would love to prove my reliability. So if you are looking for a booster who has great knowledge, is fast and reliable, you won't go wrong with picking me!

Kind regards,
Gerrit "Dero"

Boosts in: Fortnite

If you want Gerrit to be your booster, type 9312 when you choose the booster for your order

Gerrit's Reviews:

Fortnite Coaching
Gabriel coached by Gerrit for 2 hours

Great coach. Had very good tips !

Fortnite Win Boosting
brock boosted by Gerrit for 15 Wins

Great service! will use again!

Fortnite Battle pass challenges
Audric boosted by Gerrit for 7 challenges


Fortnite Win Boosting
A boosted by Gerrit for 2 Wins

Great booster!

Fortnite Win Boosting
A boosted by Gerrit for 3 Wins

Great booster!

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