Happy and kind booster at your disposal to offer you the rank you want in the shortest possible time. I am Spanish, you can speak to me in Spanish or English (only these languages). Normally I play 4 or 5 hours a day, but for a job I could play more. I play on pc and ps4. I hope you talk to me and I'll take care of you. I'm Grand Champion since Season 5 , in the Seasons 5,6 and 7 i have get GC at 2s and in the Season 8 i get GC at 2s, 3s and solo standard. I prefer PC but i don't have any problem to boost in PS4.

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If you want Jorge to be your booster, type 9262 when you choose the booster for your order

Jorge's Reviews:

Awesome guy, will use him again if i want to buy boost another time.

Very fast!

Jorge was quick friendly and all around excellent! Did not lose a single match!

best booster euw lol

Really fast booster